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Courses in Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences (2012 Spring)

Course Title
N / A
Creativity: Its Biological Basis and Therapeutic Applications
PSYCTRY M210 (Registrar)
Kaplan, Robert M.
Editorial Board Apprenticeship
PSYCTRY M230 (Registrar)
Elashoff, Robert
Communication of Science
PSYCTRY M232 (Registrar)
Belin, Thomas R.
Causal Inference
PSYCTRY 236C (Registrar)
Sena, Rhonda
Psychology Interns Seminar
PSYCTRY 243C (Registrar)
O'connor, Mary
Mental Retardation and Chronic Medical Illness Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum
PSYCTRY 281C (Registrar)
Freeman, Stephanny Fumi Noro
Behavioral Therapy in Educational Settings
PSYCTRY 295C (Registrar)
Farabee, David
Substantive Issues in Substance Abuse III
PSYCTRY 405 (Registrar)
Wyatt, Gail / Williams, John
Trauma and Sexual Abuse Research Seminar
PSYCTRY 407C (Registrar)
Rapkin, David / Williams, Charlene
Clinical Hypnosis Seminar
PSYCTRY 431C (Registrar)
Humphrey, Lorie
Pediatric Neuropsychology: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning
PSYCTRY 434 (Registrar)
Dean, Andrew / Jentsch, J. David
Seminar: Addiction Psychiatry