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Courses in Russian (2012 Spring)

Course Title
Furman, Yelena
Elementary Russian
Furman, Yelena
Elementary Russian
Kresin, Susan
Elementary Russian
Sergieff, Antanina Petrakova
Intermediate Russian
Kresin, Susan
Honors Contracts
Heim, Michael Henry
Russian Civilization in 20th Century
Karkafi, Larisa Alexey
Literacy in Russian
Kresin, Susan
Third-Year Russian: Contemporary Russia
Kudyma, Anna
Topics in Advanced/Superior Russian
Dralyuk, Boris
Russian for Social and Cultural Studies
Khitrova, Daria
Literature and Revolution
Vroon, Ronald
Studies in Russian Literature: Dostoevsky
Khitrova, Daria
Russian Poetry: Poetry of Russian Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and Realism
Lenhoff, Gail D.
Literature of Medieval Rus'
Macfadyen, David
Contemporary Russian Literature
Seminar: History of Russian Culture